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Poll versus Survey

How do Polls and Surveys differ?

A poll is a type of survey which asks a single question. A full fledged survey is typically used to ask a wide range of questions. A survey may ask multiple questions across a wider range of different question types. You may design both polls and surveys using the DCA Survey online software.

What is a Poll?

A poll contains a single question. The question contains a fixed set of answer selections. You design the poll to permit just one answer or more answers to be selected. You may also design the poll question to include an optional 'Other' field which permits respondents to enter their own answer.

Here is an example of a poll:

What is your favorite chocolate?

Express Design

For creating a poll, you will want to select the Express survey design option. As the name implies it is the fastest way to design a poll.

Last updated: 2012 January 10