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About Us

Design Collect Analyze Survey was founded by Peter O'Reilly in 2009 with the mission to provide an on-line service that makes your life better. Simply put:
We love creating survey software that you will love to use.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers the best information, tools and service to enable you to easily and most efficiently collect and analyze responses for surveys you design.

Our #1 Focus

You, our customer.

Nothing is more important to us than users of our website service and software. We take the "customer is always right" mantra one step further. Before we make any decision or action, we always ask ourselves: "How will this benefit our customers and users?" Everything we do is for you - a customer centered approach. We believe that there is no point in doing business if we can't improve people's lives by creating value.

We want to empower you by providing you with the best, most robust tools and service to put you in touch with your clients or conduct your research. Our tools take care of the underlying, heavy lifting details which free you to better focus on the goal you want to accomplish. The survey response data collected should easily be accurate and secure and transformed into information and knowledge that will be invaluable to you. And your clients will be most pleased to respond using survey software that is extremely intuitive and responsive to use.

Great Design

Great design is hard. That is why so many software products and services are either too simple or more often, too complex to use. We put great focus and effort into great software design.

Creating an online service that is powerful while simple and easy to use is one of the greatest challenges of software development. It is something we are completely focused on everyday: improving your online experience at We are completely committed to this effort. You may expect more upgrades and features in the future. We are passionate about surveys: the people who take them and design them.

Constant Improvement & Growth

We are not content at being "just another online survey company". We strive to improve. We want to better serve our customers and users by offering the best software products, service and support. Most importantly: to create value for you or your organization.

If you think you can tell us how we can be even better, please do not hesitate to to let us know. We are most interested in your ideas and help sharing in your success with online surveys.

If you have questions about our service, please use the contact form in help and support section.

Design Collect Analyze Survey, LLC
15 Warren Street
Jersey City, NJ 07302

Last updated: 2012 April 23